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What Our Teacher Training Students Say!

In the spring of 2017 I happened upon Art Rocks & Healing Yoga. Instantly I knew it was fight for me! By July of 2017 I was registered for Yoga Teacher Training! Since that time I have achieved certification as both a Yoga & Meditation Teacher! I also have attended numerous workshops.

Audrey presents intensive, thorough & well prepared programs. She is passionate, dedicated, supportive, caring, focused, knowledgeable & wise!

At Art Rocks & Healing Yoga I’ve learned to deepen my practice so I can become what I teach. It has been a personally transformative experience of uplifting & opening to my divine self! Excellent, well rounded thorough & dignified programs. For me Hatha Yoga has become a practice of meditation in motion!

Every student seeking to be a Certified Yoga Teacher should be so lucky to find Audrey at Art Rocks & Healing Yoga!



Roxann Johnson

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I completed the 200 hour Hatha Yoga program in 2018, and the Meditation course in 2019 with Audrey O.Marra and wanted to share my experience.

When I met Audrey, it was a few months prior to the course starting in September and at the time had not planned on signing up for any certification, however, after meeting Audrey and then learning about her program and the pace of it, I felt very comfortable to forge ahead .

Although demanding in time as well as on personal energy, I do not regret having signed up for either program. In fact, I am so much the better for it all. The 200 hour Hatha Yoga program ran from September until the following April and during that time we were given a load of reading assignments and the expectation to maintain a personal daily practice as well as attend weekly classes with Audrey.

What I enjoyed about learning from Audrey are several things including the support she provides to her students as a teacher, but it really was mostly her energy that drew me to her and that I came to appreciate. Audrey exudes a calm presence which I thoroughly enjoyed and along with her extensive repertoire of knowledge as well as her stamina and inner strength she is a very grounded and down to earth human being. As well, as a person in my early sixties, I never felt out of my league with what she was teaching on a physical level and was continually inspired to challenge myself because Audrey was such a great role model when demonstrating the yoga poses.

I teach now on a part time basis both meditation and Yoga with confidence and with a knowing that Audrey continues to support my efforts in not only teaching but also in my daily practice. If I run into a snag, or a questions, she avails herself to her graduates and is only a text away. Since completing these programs, I have deepened my commitment to the Yoga traditions and the practice because of all that I have learned through Audrey and the respect I have for her and the teachings, and this extends much farther than the 2 by 6 yoga mat.

In closing, Audrey is a sincere and caring teacher as well as a compassionate person who just loves to share the practice of Yoga. To this day, I feel blessed and honoured to know her and to be a student and now a teacher.


Kimberly Ryan

The Meditation Teacher Training program offers a wonderful opportunity for personal growth.  The instructors are knowledgeable and caring.  Audrey skillfully guides students in building up a knowledge base, as well as increasing confidence in personal practice and preparedness for teaching meditation to others.
Melanie Ruigrok 

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