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Yoga Classes

All classes require pre-registration. Please contact me.

Guided Meditation

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Allow Audrey and her amazing group of teachers to be your guide, teaching you the techniques needed to create and maintain a steady personal practice. These classes are so much more than simply learning exercises, they are about creating a healthier lifestyle. Discover the tools and develop the habits you’ll need to help improve your daily patterns and ultimately, your life. It can be stressful to know where to begin, start with a deep breath!

Our approach to Yoga is to create a space to support the body's natual ability to heal, physcically, emotionally and mentally.

Yoga is not a replacement for conventional treatments, but a complimentary practice to support them.

Why Yoga Is Effective in Trauma Treatment


Yoga helps trauma survivors to:

  • Soothe their anxious minds so they engage in the present moment and tune into their bodies

  • Empower themselves to make choices, which trauma often strips from survivors

  • Create a positive, compassionate relationship with their body, mind and self

  • Discover and use tools for self-regulation and processing sensations and emotions

  • Release stored trauma memories so their brain and nervous system can regulate

  • Live safely in their bodies in the present

  • And much more

A recent study of women with chronic, treatment-resistant PTSD revealed that yoga:

  • Significantly reduced the severity of PTSD symptoms,

  • Reduced the incidence of self-harm activities,

  • Decreased dissociative and depressive symptoms, and

  • Increased the likelihood of loss of PTSD diagnosis

Top 10 Benefits of Yoga:

1. Improves Flexibility

2. Builds Strength

3. Increases Muscle Tone

4. Improves Balance

5. Supports Joint Health

6. Prevents Back Pain

7. Teaches Better Breathing

8. Fosters Mental Calmness

9. Reduces Stress

10. Increases Self Confidence

Gary Kraftsow

"I would like for people to realize that yoga is not about touching your toes"

Disclaimer: These practices do not replace Conventional medicine or treatments, nor do we suggest stopping any current treatments. They are only meant to complement and enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself.


Healing Yoga passes offer a cost effective option to attend an unlimited number of our classes. If you want to change your life for good and discover what it feels like to take control of your own well being then purchase your yoga pass today!

Hatha Yoga is the Yoga of the body, the body is the vessel for the soul. Our soul needs a healthy body to live in. This includes the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body all aligning with the spiritual body. The practice of Hatha Yoga helps us keep all these bodies healthy and in working order.

We don't do a Yoga posture, be become the Yoga posture 

Our classes combine breath work, mindfulness practices, asanas and relaxation!

"Hatha Yoga derives from two roots: ha means sun, tha means moon. The practices support balancing out the positive and negative energies in the body"



 (to be used ideally within 8 weeks, unless there are extenuating circumstances)



(to be used ideally within 12 weeks, unless there are extenuating circumstances)

 Drop-ins when space available $20.00

Yoga classes are non transferable and non redeemable


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10:30am- Hatha Yoga 


5:00 pm - Hatha Yoga Basic 

7:30 pm Hatha Yoga 


7 am Hatha Yoga 



Monday's  @ 2 pm 

Modified yoga all levels

COST: 6 Classes for $72.00 

(to be used ideally within 8 weeks, unless there are extenuating circumstances)


Chair Yoga can help the quality of life at any age

"Yoga is not only for the young and fit" 

The last Monday of the Month 5:30 pm
(drop ins welcome )

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Meditation & Private classes


At Art Rocks & Healing Yoga Café, we believe that yoga is more than just exercise; it is a way of life. Our yoga studio offers private classes in different styles that are tailored to each individual’s needs and goals. Whether you are looking to build strength, increase flexibility, or just relax and reduce stress, we have the perfect class for you.

Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping you reach your personal practice goals in a safe and nurturing environment. Come explore the many benefits of yoga with us – physical, mental, and emotional.

To schedule a Call: email 


Saturdays @ 8 am

A deep relaxing yoga experience, that allows the body time to really unwind and relax. The poses are all restorative and deeply beneficial to overall health and well being. 


Yin Yoga 

Wednesday 5:30 pm 

7:00 pm 

Thursday 5:00 pm 

All classes are an hour long

"Like restorative yoga, yin yoga is a passive yoga practice that is slow with very few postures that are held for more extended periods of time. But instead of focusing on relaxation, yin yoga focuses on improving mobility so that you can sit more comfortably and for a longer time in meditation. Yin yoga poses target the connective tissue around your joints to improve range of motion and flexibility.

Yin yoga poses are almost all seated poses, and each pose is held for between 1 to 20 minutes, although typically, the length is between 3 to 7 minutes for beginners. Holding poses for these extended periods helps to target deeper into the fascia or the matrix of connective tissue spread throughout the entire body.

As you may have guessed from the term “yin,” yin yoga actually has its roots in Chinese Taoist philosophy. This practice is based on the traditional yogic teachings of long holds in seated postures in India, but it ultimately has its origin in Chinese traditions. Yin yoga was first codified by Paulie Zink, a Taoist yoga practitioner who studied yin practices in China.

Paulie Zink then taught Sarah Powers, who gave the practice the name “yin.” In Chinese philosophy, yin has the qualities of darkness, coldness, passivity, internalization, solidity, and slowness. The other side is yang, which represents the qualities of lightness, heat, activity, rapidity, and energy. We need both yin and yang in our lives, but our modern society often over-emphasizes the yang, forgetting the yin practice entirely.

Yin yoga practices also incorporate more Chinese medicine theory, including techniques that stimulate the meridians or energy channels in the body. In general, there are three primary principles of yin yoga practice:

1. Come to an appropriate edge.

2. Make a commitment to stay still.

3. Hold the pose for a designated period of time"


Vinyasa Yoga

Wednesday 8:15 pm

Visanya is a beautiful flow of poses designed to help you relax and get in touch with your body.

We'll move through a fluid sequence of poses that form the perfect balance of getting in touch with your body and slowly expanding your comfort zone.


Candle Light Nidra

Sunday 7:00 pm (On Hold until the fall)

Candle light Nidra is a restorative experience. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and enjoy a guided meditation design to recenter you for the week ahead feeling fully resourced and powerful.

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