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Meet The Teachers & Staff!



Audrey Started her journey on the Path of Yoga in 2007 and immediately felt the benefits. This journey has become her passion to bring those benefits to the General Public. 

Her intention is to provide a space for all who need healing and she uses a gentle approach to allow each individual the opportunity to be still and create their own sacred space within. 

Audrey's training as a Yoga teacher began with a two year intensive Meditation Facilitator Training Course with Tony Murdock from Towards Stillness. She continues to build upon her skills with continued Education & training, workshops and daily practice. Among many of the courses she has completed Sound Bath Healing, Reiki Master, Yin Yoga, and more. 

Audrey beliefs we are all students and should never stop learning, learning is a life time journey as is the practice of Yoga. Audrey has also travelled to India for a month long intensive training learning the Traditional style of  Yoga at the Nada Yoga School and is excited to pass on what she has learned. "it is a humbling experience to acknowledge that the more we learn the less we know, it is an ongoing  process." 

Her most recent training among several is Sound Healing, using Sound to bring Yoga to a whole new level! 


I'm Audrey's daughter who was lucky enough to inherit the artistic gene from my Mama. I teamed up with her almost 7 years ago when I decided life was too short and I wanted more time with my family so I quit my full time retail management job and here I am!

Most days you will find me working on crafting up something fun for your home, ordering new cool merchandise for the store or planning workshops at the studio!

My most recent passion is Pottery, which you can find at the studio or follow my Pottery page.



Hi my name is Shannon

I am Audrey's daughter.

I am a mother of three awesome children! I currently live in Simcoe and was born and raised in Haldimand County. 

I recently gave up a ten Year career as a PSW and am exploring my more creative side. I have worked in the food industry since the age of 14. 

Shannon's new adventure is starting her own business with her life partner Alex, Yummy Freeze, making  Yummy Treats! 

Follow them on Facebook or come purchase some of their treats at the Cafe 


Teaching Staff

Tony Murdock adds his expertise and years of experience to our program with his teachings of Spiritual Anatomy, Sanskrit and the Gita
Tony’s spiritual journey began in 1972 when he met his guru
Ramakrishna Ananda. From this point forward, he has
dedicated his life to personal spiritual unfoldment. In 1973 he
received his spiritual name Vishnu Das (servant of the
preserving aspect of the Divine).
Tony’s interest in spiritual development led him to study
Comparative Religions at York University and California State
University Fullerton. After completing his Honours Degree in
Comparative Religions, he continued his academic studies and
received his Master’s degree from McMaster University in
Sanskrit and Hindu Religious History, with a minor in
Christian Studies.
Since 1998 Tony has been facilitating meditation classes and
workshops in various parts of Ontario, Halifax, and in
Vancouver, BC. His personal practice and coursework
incorporate a blend of meditations drawn from a variety of
religious and spiritual traditions, including Hinduism,
Buddhism and Christianity. This experience gave him the tools
to work successfully for 12 years in corporate middle
management. It taught him to balance his life as a meditator
with both his work and his personal life.

We are very excited to have Suzie coming on Board to Assit in our Teacher training program that run's from September to April Yearly 
Hi! I’m Suzie and I am so delighted to be able to teach with Audrey at Art Rocks!
I have been practicing Yoga with Audrey since 2017 and completed the Yoga Teacher Training program
in 2019. Yoga is so much more then touching your toes! Yoga teaches us how we can unite the mind,
the body, and the spirit so that we can live our life in a harmonious way. Practicing Yoga has brought me
so much joy and healing. I look forward to sharing some of these practices and teachings with others. I
love learning on this journey and I am presently working towards completing the Yoga as Therapy
Program at Art Rocks, as well as an online Yoga Nidra course at the Nada Yoga School.

Well hello!

I’m Esther, and I am oh so very excited to be able to share my love of yoga with you! Yoga came into my life many moons ago, while I worked in a kindergarten classroom - but I didn't start practicing for my own health and wellbeing until about 6 years ago. I took a couple classes, and felt this cosmic push to jump in the deep end - impulsively committing to a year long studio membership. At that time, I had only experienced the shallow end of yoga - and wanted to learn more and understand why it felt like EVERYONE and their mother should practice! So I decided to leap in again, and completed the teacher training course with Audrey in 2021. It was challenging. It opened areas of my heart and mind I didn’t know were hidden.

I did not regret it. It might seem cliché to many, but yoga saved me, when I didn’t know I needed to be saved. Yoga sharpened skills that I didn’t realize I already had, opened my heart to healing, and helped me be a better me. Which makes me a better mom, wife, sister, friend, daughter, and all around human being!

Yoga has always spoken directly to me, and parts of my soul in a way I can’t put down in words. I hope to help you find love and understanding in Yoga. For the practice, for others, but mostly, for yourself. Because it’s so much more than ‘stretching’.

My name is Jill and I am very happy to be part of the Art Rocks yoga family!


My yoga journey began over 40 years ago and to this day it still brings me so many wonderful gifts as I continue to learn and grow in my practice.  Audrey and I met in 2012 when I started taking her evening yoga classes at Hausers.  From then on, she hasn't been able to get  rid of me!  


My teacher training was completed under Audrey (see what I mean!) encompassing not only yoga and some specialized yoga studies, but meditation teacher training as well.  As well as Yoga my favorite things to do are travelling and reading.


Hi, I'm Emma, and my love for yoga began when my health hit rock bottom. I was 18 years old and recovering from the most traumatic experience of my life alongside depression, anxiety, anemia, insomnia, and a general sense that I'd never get out from under it all. Eventually, something snapped. I decided I couldn't live like that anymore and my life desperately needed to change.


I started going for 5k runs in the snowstorms just to quiet my mind, and on those runs, I discovered the power of the mind, body, soul, breath, heart, and gratitude. I truly came back to life as one thing led to another. Runs led to stretching, stretching led to yoga, yoga led to hot baths, journaling, shadow work, nervous system regulation, pattern healing, and the rest is history!


I'm happy to say that yoga has been a vehicle for me to heal my body on a very deep level. Yoga has helped me to cure the problems that used to plague me at the source, build a vibrant, abundant life, and restore my sense of unity with the universe. It has allowed me to feel whole, at peace, and complete. I hope to use yoga to help you feel the same.


Yoga has also been a gateway that helped me reconnect with my creative potential by finding the true spark of inspiration within. When I'm not teaching, you can find me journaling, writing, performing spoken-word, or getting ready for the release of my first book in the fall of 2024.

My name is Shelley Dulmage, I am blessed to be a mother of three amazing young men. They are my life, love, and focus.
I am a person that believes in the saying “everything happens for a reason” And my yoga journey fits along with this belief.
As yoga has come in and out of my life for about 15 years. Over the last 5 years, each year I contemplated taking the YTT, Yoga Teacher Training course with Audrey. It was August 2022 I took the plunge, and without regret I started my spiritual journey. Little did I know how much this decision was going to change my life. It became my healing place during one of my most
trying seasons in my life this far.
I am now dedicated to continue my growth, healing and learning. I am currently enrolled in 2023/24 Introduction to Meditation course at Art Rocks. I’m inspired and driven to live a mindful life and excited to share a part of my journey with you.
I have other activities and passions, I stay active playing many hours of volleyball and working out in my home. I also love long nature walks and to chill on the water in a kayak or a paddle board. I also have a creative side creating healing jewelry and home décor inspired by nature, my company name is Shelle Belle Healing Designs.

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